Bozeman Bike Kitchen


Drop-in volunteering is back! Just show up at our evening sessions Tuesday or Thursday, as well as Saturday morning – and we’ll put you to work! No experience is necessary.

At the Bozeman Bike Kitchen we are in need of people of all levels.  You don’t need to be a seasoned bike mechanic to help out at all.  We of course need experienced people to perform those aspects of bicycle maintenance that require special skills to keep the bikes that go out our door safe to ride, but we also need people to take apart unusable bikes for bringing to the recycling plant.


If you have wrenched in the past, we could use your help getting some bikes fixed right now!  We’re always looking for folks with bike mechanic experience.  No matter your skill level or area of expertise, we’d love to have your help refurbishing bikes!

Parts Recyclers

If the weather is suitable for work outside, we need folks to strip wheels, tires, and other parts off of bikes.  We reduce unusable bicycles into scrap as well as recyclable metal to keep as much stuff out of the landfill as possible.