Volunteer At The Kitchen And Help Us Help You
The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is always on the lookout for individuals who are looking to learn more about bicycle repair, are excited to share what they know with others, or who just want to avert their gaze and get greasy without being bothered.

During our standard hours we are open to everyone regardless of their abilities or knowledge of bicycle repair.  Participating in one of the programs we offer a visitor to the Bike Kitchen can begin to learn the skills necessary to empower themselves as a bike mechanic.

Our Mission
The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a fun cooperative cycling hub, empowering and educating the Gallatin Valley by refurbishing bicycles and promoting safe cycling for transportation and recreation.

We accomplish this mission through our three programs using almost wholly donated bicycles and human resources.  How can we help you with your goals?  Stop in and see for yourself what a wonderful environment of learning and empowerment the Bozeman Bike Kitchen can be.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, funded by donations and sales of items we refurbish with volunteered time. In order for us to offer the level of quality service and time that this community needs we request your help. Your help can be in the form of a monetary donation, volunteer time, or a gift of an item we might need. If you’d like to make a monetary donation we accept cash (in person), check (in person or via mail), or electronically through Paypal.

Our Location
Our awesome little bicycle cooperative is located at 2014 Industrial Drive in Bozeman, MT.  Where are you coming from and how do you wish to get here?  Here are a couple maps to help you navigate:

From downtown Bozeman (click the “bicycle” icon for directions on a trail)
From Belgrade (click the “bicycle” icon for a safer route)

Hours Of Operation
The Bike Kitchen is open to anyone wanting to work on their bike, buy a bike or parts, or volunteer during the following hours.

Tuesday 6pm to 8pm
Thursday 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 10am to Noon

Starting May 1st, 2018 we will have expanded summer hours.  During these hours we are open for all normal business (renting a workstand and buying a bike or parts) but we ask that if you wish to volunteer during these hours you have prior Bike Kitchen experience.  Please email us or check with one of our staffers on-site during our “drop in” hours listed above to see if you qualify.

Wednesday 10am to 4pm
Thursday 10am to 4pm
Friday 10am to 4pm